this team just needs time together, especially in the front court with eddie curry and channing frye, even david lee. they will be solid by next season if they just play a lot of minutes this season. even backing them up next year with jackie butler, mo taylor. the front court is solid.

the problem is in the rotation of the guards. steph is hurt. q richardson is not what he was in phoenix. probably because he should just lose weight and stick to playing the 2.

i think they should look into making one more deal. trade either crawford or richardson (because together they are making 70-80 million), they have been combining for 8-22 shooting for the season! one of them should be packaged along with nate robinson, for steve francis.

steve is another tweener, but at least he is a better player than crawford or richardson. nate robinson is an excellent spark, but for the long run, there may be better players.

in next years draft there is a player out of miami who is a late round pick named guillermo diaz that is a phenomenal player, and is in the same mode as a nate robinson. he can be drafted in the same spot as nate, and brings the same things to the table (offensively talented, gets to the line, can dunk, is extremely fast, will push the tempo). he only has one major differance. he is a 6-2 pg that won't get abused like nate.

i think that would be a solid place to start for the end of this season and the beginning of next. also, if j. rose pans out for the rest of this year, instead of signing some bum to a big contract next season, maybe they can get rose to restructure his deal to a more affordable price for a couple of years where he can help out trevor ariza and quintel woods.

the idea should be to teach the players that you have, once you get a well balanced team. let the younger guys get more involved, and let the older guys stick around and play their hearts out off the bench. and after a little while you'll see a team start to gel when they realize they won't be shipped off after a few months.