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    Default don't package picks, get two players

    draft hassan adams first and guillermo diaz second. remember the years of drafting defensive players, and letting them turn into offensive players (pat ewing, jordan, artest, etc)? these two guys are very athletic, can play multiple spots, and most importantly can play defense from the start. adams is athletic in dwayne wade type, but he is not a good shooter. thats cool, because there are enough offensive players on the knicks. diaz is a 6-2 guard that can dunk over people, and push a team downcourt. if the team can stay young next year, those are two very good players to have.

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    sadly thats not in the plans. well sadly is not the word, because im actually happy about that. i know Isiah can pick a needle out of a haystack when it comes to the draft BUT its really a week draft. expect him to pick up a shooter like a Gerry McNamara (i can dream right? go SU) ANYHOW the plan is Isiah now feels he has enough pieces to pick up Al Harrington in a sign and trade in the offseason..

    where he could pick up Al with an expiring contract such as Maurice Taylors (9 mill) and a draft pick. or depending on how much Al signs for, Jalen's or even Q who can play back with JJ in Atlanta. Expect these picks and our expiring or other filler contracts to help us land Al Harrington in the offseason...Kevin Garnett is the other option but thats highly unlikely (even tho we have enough pieces to appease Minny)
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    Marco Belinelli... 20-year old Italian, 6-6, can shoot from any spot, can play both guard positions, excellent ball handler and passer... if you could make a hybrid of Steve Nash and Peja Stojakovic, you would have something close to Belinelli!!!

    Ivan Chiriaev is a SF 7footer who may develop into one hell of a player.

    I love my homeboy Guillermo DÃ*az, but he doesn't have the skills to be a PG and is too small 2be a SG in the NBA.
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