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    Default Excited about the Knicks!!!!!

    Where's the patience guys? Come on now...We have a potential great team on our hands for years and we want to get Theo Ratliff and Earl Watson? We want to take more salary and bad knees from K-Mart (remember H20). We want to trade a player who has scored 50 points in a game because a coach who could win with the US Allstar team thinks it's best. Coach Brown won with a Detroit team that made it to conference finals without him the year before. Now they can't be stopped. Where are the people who said they couldn't score the backetball? That Brown was getting the most out of them? People yes it is true we don't have a perfect roster. But we have a promising one. Give it time because Larry Brown can't coach talented groups. He's proven that every where he's gone. And as far as draft and player assessment? Eric Snow? Please give me a break. I like seeing these young guys play. Get me NBA rejects I want watch. Give us the chance to have a dynasty.

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    I didn't know optimistic Knick fans still existed. Maybe your cool with waitng 5 years for the front office to even produce a team over .500, which they still can;t do.... Maybe its just me, but i think its pretty much safe to say that the word "dynasty" and "promising" should never be used in the same sentence as the ugly word "Knicks"
    Do you have any idea how much Charles Barkley, Stephen A., Bill Simmons, Greg Anthony, Peter Vecesy, every other journalist, and even Larry Brown would laugh at that posting.

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