i dont get it? he has a 15 million dollar contract thats expiring and he sucks. Why cant we just let him go and sign a big time free agent with the money?

Trading him doesnt seem to make much sense to me. The knicks should get under the cap and sign a couple of big names like Peja and Ben Wallace (moving to power forward). And then just dump all of our huge ass salaries.

We could have a Starting lineup like this

PF-Channing Frye
PG- Jalen Rose
SG-Stephon Marbuary
PF-Ben Wallace
C- Eddy Curry

Yes we are having 3 centers in their sometimes. Because we need to Rebound the god damn ball and play some D. Rose and Marbaury can shoot the ball as well. Crawford, Ariza, and Richardson on the bench as well.

Am i wrong or would that not kick ass as a team that could be a contender?????