There have been several reports that the Knicks are looking into trading Jamal Crawford and either Ariza, Lee, or Robinson for Steve Francis and Kevin Cato. This trade at first seems ridiculous because the Knicks would be taking on another perrennial loser, who has problems making his players better. The once called franchise's stock has plummetted ever since being traded for Tracy McGrady by the Rockets. Francis' contract is good for another 3 years and i think crawfords is good for another 4. If i am wrong with that please let me know. Francis is better then crawford and Cato's contract expires this year. If this goes down it might no be that bad for the Knicks because they will lose francis' contract before crawfords (if i am right with my numbers). They will also get better production from Francis. The downside is francis is getting paid a lot more. WHat do you guys think about this trade. Is it good or is Isiah going to continue to make another stupid trade that hurts us more.