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[B]Straight Cash Homie
Written By Robert Littal

As long as Isiah Thomas is running a NBA team, I encourage all parents of athletically
gifted children to push them toward basketball, than any other sport. The NFL is a dangerous
profession with a short shelf life and no guaranteed contracts. MLB has guaranteed contracts,
but unlike the NFL where you come straight from college to your first big contract, in baseball
you actually have to prove yourself in a minor league system that you may never get out of. If
somehow you can make it to the NBA and just be a marginal player you are set for life. Your
contract is guaranteed regardless if you play or not, how cool is that? Here are the top 10
overpaid NBA players based on the Top 30 NBA salaries for 2005-06.

1- Allan Houston: New York Knicks 19 Million Dollars (# 2 on the top 30).

I know what you are thinking “Allan Houston is retired isn’t he?” That is the beauty of this.
Houston is making 19 million dollars to be retired. You know there are former Enron employees
plotting his death as we speak. The interesting thing is that it wasn’t like Houston was balling
before he retired. He hadn’t played in 2 full seasons and wasn‘t playing that well when he was
healthy. Meaning that he made almost 60 million dollars over the last 3 years to sit on his ass
and laugh at the Knicks organization given him a max contract even though he was an average
player. In his day Houston was a decent player, but even when he was playing he didn’t
deserved 20 million a year. He makes 5 million more than Tim Duncan chew on that for a
second. No wonder why everyone believes the Knicks are the worst run organization in the

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