Listen, the reality here is that Isiah's poker face wasn't as good as the GM from Orlando. Orlando's goal was to have the most cap room for the 2007 free agents. Taylor's contract would have given them that! If Isiah would have used PH for any other trade, I trully believe he would have still gotten Frances for Crawford and Taylor. See, the issue is all the GM's in the league know that we are so desperate for any type of change, at any given time, that we have no back bone and can be used to dump on. That is the truth, plain and simple. If Orlando believed for a second that Isiah would just let the contract expire, rather than take on a player that reazlly wasn't needed that bad, they might have gave in a little. But every GM can stand their ground with out even batting an eye lash. There is no healthy fear or even respect for the Knicks.