After the latest trade, Thomas has been getting a lot of heat. The funny thing is, everyone seems to be ignoring the fact that it was Brown who asked for Steve Francis. Why has Brown dodged so much blame? Here are a list of what he has done wrong, in my opinion
1) The 100 starting lineups- with all the injuries, combo players and rookies, I ddin't blame him for all the different lineups at the beginning of the season, but jerking Lee, Woods, Robinson and Frye in and out of the rotation is what causes so much confusion.
2) He has not coached to the strengths of his team-The team is built to run, yet we continue to run half court plays, force feeding the ball inside and overpassing. Count the number of open shots passed up in a Knick game. This makes us passive on offense, which results in all the slow starts.
3) If your team struggles in man to man "D", play zone. Dribble penetration kills us every game. Curry is often late to block the shots because of all the switching we do defensively. More zone defense will help. When we play it, we fotrce more T.O's and get out on the breaks faster.
4) It is Brown's stubbornness and micromanaging and overcoaching that makes this team worse than it is. Even with all the injuries, trades, rookies, this team has too much talent to have this record. Several players have gotten worse under Brown. The fact that everybody looks scared to take shots is an indictment on the coach.
5) The lack of passion- I don't blame Brown completely for this, but beacuse of all the overcoaching, the players appear to be thinking too much, causing confusion and frustration. They are disenchanted with him at times, making a "I don't give a **** attitude.
Don't get me wrong, Isiah and the players must share the blame for this debacle. But if Isiah goes down, then Brown, his staff, and the guy that hired Isiah should go down too.