Don, you say that you are convinced that there are people posting that do not know what they are talking about but you do not post anything specific and then cut and paste your response from one that you made on another thread.

Who should not have been trade? I will address that in a sec but will preface it by saying you do not make trades just to trade because it affects team chemistry... point and case is that last year's team was more competitive than this year's team with much less talent.

Trades that should not have been made? Tough to say when you look at them individually but when taken together it is a lot easier to see that we just don't have a plan. Why bring in Jerome James and then bring in Eddy Curry and Channing Frye? Jerome James was not a waste of our mid level exception? Fact of the matter is that he is a waste and then some. You hear Larry complaining about not having a true PG because the guys we have are scorers and are much better suited at the 2 spot (Nate, Steph, Jamal and Jalen Rose) and then we bring in Francis??? It just makes no sense. We bring in Francis and make sure that we keep Jamal and Nate so that we officially have a starting line-up of the guards that Larry hates (Jamal, Jalen, Steph, Francis and Nate). We piece together a team of flashy scorers (no outside shooter or defense) and then get a coach that wants to play defense and a methodical offense???? You get a coach that wants veterans and we get three first round picks???

I am not calling for anyone to be fired but the bottom line is that we are mismatched in every way... the GM-Coach-Players-Scheme and that falls on the GM period because that is hi job. I like Isiag, I like Larry... I like Steph... but the bottom line is that something has to give. We keep reading about players having a tough time adjusting to Brown but Brown is having a tougher time adjusting to the players (you play the cards you are dealt... that goes for anything in life).

I agree that there are a lot of wild posts on here but yours ranks right up there with the Isiah is getting the job done comment. Sure, he is collecting some talent but it is going nowhere... there has to be a plan... a short term plan and a long term plan but we have neither. LB is not playing guys for the future (look at Frye's minutes... and the absence of Lee). What is it that we are doing? As soon as it looks like we have a plan we come up with another bizarre twist (like Francis). Anyone can get up there and spend money... take on horrible contracts. Do not give Isiah credit for getting players that other teams did not want, my grandma can do that. We did not get Francis for so little because Isiah is shrewd or a genius, we got him because we have an owner that does not care where his money goes. If I ran my business the way the Knicks do then I would be bankrupt in a heartbeat.