Are you Isiah's brother or PR man or something?? Do you know what GM's job is? His job is to implement a short and long term plan, put together a team that fits that plan, and hire a coach that buys into it all. Isiah has shown NONE of this. Can you please tell me how Jalen Rose and Steve Francis fit into this? And you totally miss my point on Curry....even before this season that dude was no where near worth an unprotected lotter pick! I can't even remember a team being so dumb as to do that in any trade previously. And not even next year's pick, but the year after that, the Bulls can swap with us if we have a higher pick! Are you going to tell me Eddy Curry is worth that?! I seriously doubt we even had that much competition for him, especially given his heart condition. It's not getting him that I have a problem with, it's the fact that we probably gave up 5 times more than we had to. I guess Isiah wanted to add the Bulls to his resume of rebuilding other teams. People want to also defend the Jerome James move because he would have been our center had we not gotten Curry...again that shows there is no plan in place, and it shows how reckless Isiah is with his decisions. Not to mention the fact that JAMES SUCKS! Even if we'd never gotten Curry, I'm positive James would still be riding the pine behind Jackie Butler. He was never worth the money we signed him with.

As far as players not knowing each other...hmm...I wonder why that is? Isn't it a GM's job to put together a team of players that can potentially play together and then give them a chance to do so? Isiah has turned over the roster so many times since he came here that it's no wonder why the players never know each other!! I don't think the idiot realizes that team chemistry is as important as talent.

As for this season and expectations...yeah coming in a lot of people had higher expectations due to the coach...and yeah he hasn't done a good job, nor have the players. you think adding two more ballhogs (on a team that already has enough shoot first pass later players) really made sense? You haven't made one valid point to back up your hollow statement that Isiah is doing a decent job.