I have to agree with RMK all of the way. His points are valid and supported by the facts of the situation. Don, you are just talking and there is no more of a point to what you are saying than there is to what Isiah is doing.

There has to be a plan and when you say that you are convinced that LB is the right coach for this team I have to wonder what in the hell you are talking about. I agree that Larry Brown is a great coach and I love the Knicks. When you say right coach for "this team" though, what are you talking about? Because what team are you referring to? There are at least four different teams here... 1. The Players Team (they seem to be suited for a specific type of play... running and beating their individual man off of the dribble, capable ball handlers that can pass but look to shoot first... Marbury, Francis, Crawford, Jalen and Nate). 2. The Coach's Team (LB's idea of playing smart basketball with few turnovers, strong defense and unsellfish play). 3. The GM's Team (the team that Isiah thinks is like the one he and Joe Dumars or Walt Clyde and Earl the Pearl played for)... and then there is 4. The Real Team (the one that has a mixture of so many odd parts that it just doesn't fit any of the above team concepts. The one that cannot gel, is inexperienced and selfish, that does not play D and has no confidence.

The point is that the GM is responsible for this because it is HIS responsibility to have sight of the big picture and to put all of the pieces together. Honestly, I like Larry... I even like Isiah because I think he believes he can do something... and I like most of our players. BUT.... it makes no differrence in the grand scheme of things if they are all operating in different realities. So when you say that LB is the right coach for this team it depends upon what you mean. LB is the perfect coach for his own version of a team but that is not what we have. There are a ton of coaches that could get more from this team of players right now than LB... but that does not matter if it does not end with a championship somewhere down the line. Our team has no identity and we will not win until it does. The question is... Can we get a single vision of "team" with the current Owner, GM, Coach and Group of Players??? It does not matter if you like all of those people, the answer is no because they all have different ideas of what the "team" is.