Isiah has done a decent job? Are you kidding me? What Isiah has done has given us something that is a borderline unfixable mess. If we stuck to one philosophy on re-building the team then we should have stuck to it. but that is where Isiah fell apart the most.
He starts making good moves for excellent rookies- Frye, Nate, Lee. So u think wow he's rebuilding for the future and we're going to be a young team right? WRONG- He subsequently gives up our first round
draft pick, which looks like its going to be the number one pick outright, for Curry. He then stockpiles us with Vets and/or hefty contracts- Q Woods,Q Rich, Rose, Francis the biggest example of all. He's now stockpiled us a disjointed ballclub, undersized, one dimensional some can shoot can't play defence take your pick.
He gets his man Larry Brown, the biggest name and throws him this team of type of players that can't work with his one style of play.
IN regards to Larry we shouldn't dismiss his record as a fluke or call him a bad coach- he has had success wth types of players he likes and can mould into his unit. But just like anything in life, u can only make do with what tools are at your disposal. Isiah gave him a disjointed roster with players that are completley different from his one philosophy. Now he has a ton of guards- Nate, Steph, Fran, Rich, Jamal, Q. And he is mixing and matching to find something that works for him and his style of play which explains the 19billion lineup changes.
Has Larry done a bad job? of course he has- his running to the media to chastize players is dumb. And the dizzying lineup changes can cause nothing but division instead of a cohesive unit. But he is being asked to work with guys that doesn't fit into his strategy and that blame falls on Isiah. Isiah will attempt to make amends next year by doing whatever Larry wants- but judging by Francis deal which Larry campaigned for, which has given us nothing but further cap hell and another PG- i absoloutely am at a loss as to what strategy these guys have for us...