its not isiahs fault we are struggling this year

picking up q in the off season
gettin 3 great rookies
gettin eddie curry
gettin jalen rose
and gettin franchise

its larry brown who is not doin wat he supposed to do...

how can u find a good startin linep wen u have to change it every game...

maybe if u let one lineup play together for awhile u can be able to get the communication ...

starting lineup:


off the bench:


larry brown isnt allowin them to find each opther wen he has new faces comin into the lineup

isiah is tryin to bring someone in so he can allow larry to make a final startin lineup and larry still isnt able tp figure it out....

and if u have new players and a new lineup everytime...dont call a set play everytime down court...let them play so they get the feel for each other...

i dont know why larry brown cant see that...there no communication...

larry brown is tryin to force to m uch action...let them play the sport that they are good at...if we need to calm down call a play...its simple

jamal crawford is confused .. jamal crawford is a lot better then people think he is...
its just that larry brown is always in his he always hesitant with waht he does...

i think larry brown should take the blame for our struggle...

isiah has nothing to do with it