LOL Datruth, are you joking? The Knicks were in this until the refs took it away? Funny! The Knicks were never in this, even when the game was semi-close. That shows how desperate we are... Knick fans are calling a 7 point game on the road, a close one! LOL WoW!!!!

We were never in this because we never played defense. One block the entire game and the Spurs played their bottom 5 the entire 4th quarter. Stephon still looks hurt, Francis is just confused and so with no PG to lead us, we are that much worse.

I will praise the efforts of David Lee, Q, and Frye again... they make mistakes but they make them while leaving everything on the court. I am so sick of seeing guys refuse to play D and walk toward a loose ball. Put 5 guys on the court that want to play. Q, Frye, Lee, Malik and Jalen. I do not care that none of those guys is a true PG, none are a true Center... all I care about now is that those five will go out there and do everything they can to win and will leave it all on the court. At least we can lose with some dignity and respect then.