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    well season is shot, we have to late round draft pics i say we pick cetnre josh boone a defensive minded center that can grow along with frye,and shawn james an athelitic defensive minded pf who can play sf . who do u all thnk we can draft

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    It depends on who is available and who actually enters the draft. I think LB is going to have more input on who we draft, and if that's the case he may target a PG before a PF.

    Some scouts speculate that Darius Washington may enter the draft, if he does and he is still available I'd take him before Boone. Same goes with Rajon Rondo. Rondo's offensive game needs work but he is supposed to be one of the best defenders in college and is also considered a good lead guard in running the offense.

    Boone's counterpart at UConn Hilton Armstrong, is supposedly moving up the draft boards quickly. Both are superior defenders but Armstrong has more of an upside on his offensive game. Tiago Spittler was supposed to be a lottery pick last year, but withdrew from the draft. He's player in the mold of Dirk Nowitzky so he may not actually be a right fit now.

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