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  • Stephon Marbury

    11 78.57%
  • Steve Francis

    3 21.43%
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    Default Re: Who would you keep.. Stephon or Francis?

    Originally Posted by Musa
    Originally Posted by commonse
    Originally Posted by Musa
    No one of them. I would try to trade both and to get a team player, a player who knows that basketball is not a "one man show". I HATE MARBURY and I really don`t understand why Francis is in NY. IS NY A reception camp for Loser?

    hey buddy,

    Go back and watch some Bundesliga game!

    Do you know anything about what you just said? I dont think so..
    Marbury is the biggest looser I have ever seen. What have he won up to know?? He was traded 3 times and is known as troublemaker. He is one of the reasons why the Knicks are so bad. He is earning a lot of money for nothing. He behaves like a child.

    Baszd meg!
    i can tell by ur spelling and the way you talk that you're too young to understand the game of basketball. you're in germany u prolly have no idea what the h3ll rucker park is. cuz if u did u wouldnt make a remark like the one u just did.

    out of everyone on the knicks payroll the only one acting immature is larry brown. he likes to talk down about specific players to the media like he is some kinda basketball god.
    *newsflash* i could have coached the pistons or the spurs and lead them to a title. i could be coaching the knicks and get better resluts then he is. he should stop worrying so much about "his formula" for winning and start adjusting to the players hes been given. larry says the rookies wont be getting traded and then cuts their minutes for players like malik rose.

    the only one who is being over paid by the knicks is larry brown!

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    n to answer ur question...

    if things dont look up this season then keep stephon and ship francis for a big man.

    "i feel i'm needed like the knicks need marbury"
    -Tragedi Khadafi

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