Who says the Knicks can't put up a fight? In the volley of barbs that has lasted all season but has gathered new momentum in recent days, Larry Brown yesterday sent an overhead smash Stephon Marbury's way, telling his point guard to stop his pleas for "freedom" on the court and accusing Marbury of undermining the team by placing himself above it.
"We're 17 and 45. You want to say because we don't have freedom that's why we're losing?" Brown said yesterday after a brief practice in Greenburgh and well after Marbury had left the building. "That's fine, you can say that all you want. But the reality is, we foul more than any team in the league, since the fifth week of the season we're the second-worst field-goal percentage defensive team in the league, we turn the ball over more than any team in the league, we're close to the fewest blocked shots of any team in the league.

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