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    Default tired of the criticism about marbury?

    its just really annyoing ...

    marbury is a great player ...

    pissed meoff to hear boos wen he was annouced in the starting lineup ....
    imma stick wit the knicks even when s**t gets tough ...

    imma tru knick fan for lyfe ...

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    pissed off before YES. ive voiced my opinion and reasons why he shouldnt be hated many times before. and im sure someone will bring up the topic i hate most about Marbury and ill have to reiterate myself...

    BUT now? NO. you dont publicly bash your coach you just dont do that. and no matter what anyone says he did in fact start the war of words. and it was YES Larry Brown who settled it.

    i was for him before. but his Coach hates him. his teammates hate him. it was only time before the fans did.
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    i hate this, its so stupid what does the coach expect berating your best player and downplaying his abilities will only hurt team morale. Especially Marbury's morale. Of course the kids going to react? who wouldn't?! Browns feud with Steph has done nothing but harm for the ballclub.

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