Hey I love or loved Stephon Marbury. I was excited when he first came. I was excited when Brown came b/c I saw that he will elevate Steph's game. I do not kno what's going on in their minds.

It is extremely disappointing to see how both handled their situation. Crying to reporters is always the wrong move. The main culprit for this is Brown. His tactics have back fired seriously. Steph dont take no B.S. like that. However both should get in a room and talk about it. If this does not happen then why should Steph stay.

His career is simply put: ALL TALK, NO WALK. Yes there are some reasonable excuses for past teams. Injuries, young team, and rebuilding. However J-Kidd and Nash have been with their teams through a lot of injuries and they are over .500.

Kurt Thomas never liked playing with him and is having fun in PHX. Tim Thomas is now the player we wanted him to be, but in PHX.

Steph better make amends with Brown, whether he is here or not. If NY gets better without Steph, Brown will let Steph know about it (through the media ofcourse).

Finally Brown. "I will play the guys who play the best the most." Thanks Stpeh for getting Brown pissed off enough to get it right. All this loyalty nonsense. David Lee is a chemistry dude. It is instant with him. He rebounds and plays hard. Yet he is always on the bench. Nate is a spark plug. But he is inactive. Crawford is a 2 guard part time 1. But he is always playing the point?

The play hard more time method should have been in plaace since July 2005 when he first got here. His methods have been pointless. He is a great X'O's coach but I think his managing player skills have been dreadful this season. The media bashing. Starting players in their hometown? Continuing not play the young guys.

Last night, though against the Hawks, is how a struggling team is suppose to win: stay competitive and execute at crunch time. If we did this we would at leats be 10 games better than this. But the Brown and Marbury circus has not let anyone do their job right. Now Brown is fed up and finally thinking right. Play guys who play the best.