With draft day ONLY 99 days away haha, I figure it's time to talk about our two draft choices in the first round. As of now we have the 23rd (Denver) and 29th (San Antonio) picks of the draft. No second rounders.

You have to look at our weaknesses and in being realistic realize this is actually a pretty strong draft. It's depth is strangely deep. The first lotter picks are always good to have but it seems you cant even be sure about the ones projected to go that early..

To my knowledge we need a pure PG and a SF. You say we have a lot of guards yes I know. But with Francis, Marbury, JC, Q at least one being shipped out you can expect we'll draft a Larry type Guard..

I think in the offseason we mite make some moves to where we dont have both of these picks. But as of now. I can see us drafting Illinois Dee Brown with one of them (probably the 23rd). I'd like to see Gerry McNamara be a Knick but I doubt that will happen.

Any early thoughts on the draft? I know it's early but give it a try...