predicts Tyrus Thomas as the #1 pick to Chicago (now why the **** didn't Isiah protect that pick!!!... I'm sure he would've gotten Curry anyway; guess he didn't see this debacle possible). So, I think there is no way we're getting Tyrus.

I do see a trade with Atlanta very possible; hopefully a three-way with Boston, with Harrington going to the Celtics, Francis and the 2NY first-rounders going to Atlanta and Pierce plus the Hawks' pick coming to NY). That would put us in a nice position to grab Adam Morrison or Rudy Gay.

In addition, Marbury to Minny for their pick plus waiveable trash would allow us to draft Ronnie Brewer (6'7" SG who can play PG and is an excellent defender).

I also believe Mike James will be a Knicks next year.

Bottom line?

PG - Mike James
SG - Paul Pierce
SF - Rudy Gay
PF - Channing Frye
C - Eddy Curry

Jamal Crawford
Ronnie Brewer
Nate Robinson
David Lee
Jackie Butler
Jerome James
Malik Rose
Qyntel Woods
Jalen Rose
Maurice Taylor

In sum, our weakest points would be vastly improved (defense by our backcourt and a potential superstar at SF) and we'd still have the three rookies plus Taylor's and Jalen's contracts to improve at PF if it comes to that.