I found a way to watch the Knicks game online from a PC and mac. (It's a bit more difficult for us Mac users to find one that works.)

Up until this season, I was using the League Pass program. It is great...but man is it friggin expensive! (140 bucks a season)

Then my co-worker and I watched a game this season at his house on some [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

He has got his computer hooked-up to his TV too, so it's pretty cool to see the Knicks live online from a computer to TV. And actually he's only paying close to $50 as a one time cost. He's been using it for 2 seasons now, and he doesn't need to continue buying renewal season passes (like I have to with LeaguePass.) I changed over to his same program this season and so far I have no complaints. I haven't missed a game yet .

Go Knicks!