This may sound ridiculous, but KG may help our team without putting on a Knicks uniform. Because KG is approaching 30 and wants to contend for a title, Minnesota is pressed to accomodate Kg with pieces to make a championship run. That's where the Knicks come in. If KG is as interested in Marbury as it was printed in the NY papers, then we could actually rebuild. Check this out...
1) There is no way we go into next season with Brown Marbury and Thomas ALL associated with the Knicks. One of them if not all have to go.
But if we trade Marbury, which is the only way we could actually rebuild, Minnesota is probably the only team that would take him AND give up their lottery pick in the process. I would give up Marbury for a pick and a throw in player to make the salaries match.
2) Now if this works, we would have 3 first round picks, two expiring contracts (Taylor and J Rose) withAllan Houston and Shandon Anderson coming off the books(Please correct me if I'm wrong)
3) The deal would be lopsided but we would have the projected 9th pick in the draft, plus two others. If we keep Isiah or get a better proven GM, we could do something good with those picks. Minnesota SHOULD do the deal cause they would have Davis and Marbury in the backcourt to go along with Garnet. If they want size, I'd throw in Butler to sweeten the deal, maybe we could unload Q if they give us somebody else we could use.
4) I would then use the midlevel exception to sign somebody like Mike James and put Francis on the trade block, James is a really good defender and can score. We would then need an athletic 2 guard that can defend.
I would package either Taylor or Rose with a pick for a solid two way player if one is available at the right price. Maybe we could get Al Harrington.
5) Lastly, we need to develop Curry Frye and Hopefully even James...
Get Frye to gain 10 to 15 pounds, and Curry and James to lose 10 to 15 pounds
I know it doesn't sound like a definite plan, but maybe it could lead to something good