Here is the first of two possible plans I could see happening for the Knicks. Eventhough I think we should fire everyone and rebuild, here's what i think could happen if we wanted to build a contender right away.
1. Keep Larry Brown and Isiah Thomas
2. Trade Stephon Marbury to Minnesota for their lottery pick. Include a throw in player such as Richardson and take back a bad contract if necessary, as long as it is no more than 2 years.
3. Package the pick with an expiring contract and trade it to the Clippers for Corey Maggette, (probably Jalen Rose). Maggette may be available.
Jason Richardson might also be available for GS.
4. Sign Mike James to the mid-level exception.
5. Do sign and trade with Atlanta for Al harrington. Include Mo Taylor and Steve Francis. I'd even consider taking Tyronne Lue
Possible starting lineup
PG Mike James
SG Corey maggette
SF Al Harrington
PF Channing Frye
C Eddie Curry
PG Nate Robinson
SG Jamal Crawford
SF Qyntel Woods
PF David Lee
C Jackie Butler/ Jerome James
I picked Mike James and Al harrington because theyexpressed interest in New York and are coming off of bad teams. Also rumors of maggette being dealt.
We don't add a physical rebounder with the new lineup, but we do improve our perimeter defense. I think Harrington can be had in a sign and trade and the Hawks need another shooter. In order for this to work though, Frye has to develop into a more physical presence, Curry has to lose weight and Jerome James has to do the same. The bigger backcourt would help our big men become better shotblockers...Lemme know what y'all think...