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All I know is Dolan HATES LB's attitude.
But for him to get rid of Brown means he has to get rid of Isiah.....unless if magically Larry's bladder starts leaking and the old hag can't walk along the sidelines anymore forcing his ass to retire
Then Isiah pulls a Pat Riley special and coaches the team...
We all know this is the run and gun team isiah would love to coach, plus all the players on the knicks LOVE Isiah....
On the ankle breakers video, when steph was with PHX, they asked him who was his idol growing up and which player he molded his game after - he said Isiah.
JC's chose 11 because of his utmost respect for Isiah
Curry and Q are from Chi-town and u know they got to have love for Isiah....

He needs to coach, the team will play hard for him. We will be an exciting team. Wins will come.
I have to agree with you. Brown runs this team like an old short shorts squad of the early 70's. The knicks are a run and gun team. They have to score in order to win. Brown took that away from them in an attempt to make us the Pistons. Who by the way are a much better team with out him. I dont think it is possible for any one to do a worse coaching job then Brown has this season. Isiah taking the helm is not that bad of an idea.