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What the Knicks lack are Chemistry and Character. Those are two characteristics that Isiah Thomas lacks as a GM which translates into what we see on the court. You can't bury your head in stats and throw money at the wrong people.
I know i'm in the minority on the Thomas subject but I have to disagree with you on this one. We're talking about a guy that inherited a hell of a mess. I'm not saying he's squeeky clean, but I am saying that NY was kicking out more money for players before Thomas took the helm. If you look at what he's doing you can see that he is building for the furture. Not a one or two year fix as was stated by every one before the season. The problem in NY is that New Yorkers want wins yesterday. It ant going to happen that way. Every one raves over Frye and Robinson, well, who got them here? A bad coach is just that, a bad coach. It has no connection what so ever on the GM's performance. But that's just my opinion. The GM picks the players. A good coach can coach players even if they are not his type of players. The biggest mistake is trying to turn Marbury in to Steve Nash. Steph is not that type of PG. That's a coaching error not a GM mistake. With less talent Herb did a better job then Brown did, and that same team was formed by Thomas. So why should Thomas be fired?