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    Default Deals are to be made, the breakdown inside

    ok here we go i stayed up all night and looked at this, and have some steals for the next year, and also some possible trades. You must note i probably have made mistakes, so please note that as you read this.

    * ALL Trades are based on match-up Contracts no thought on team needs.

    Possible Trades:

    Jermaine ONeal and Jamal Tinsley (116 Million Remaining) for:
    Eddy Curry, Steve Francis and 1st round Draft Pick (107 Million&pick)

    Extreme!! Allen Iverson (60 Million Remaining) for:
    Steve Francis and Channing Frye (62 Million)

    Kevin Garnett and Trenton Hassell (83 Million Remaining) for:
    Steve Francis, Channing Frye, and Jalen(expiring)Rose (79 Million)

    Darius Miles (34 Million Remaining) for:
    Jerome James and Maurice (expiring) Taylor (34 Million)

    Udonis Haslem ( 4 yrs 25 Million remaining) for:
    Jerome James (4yrs 24 Million)

    Chris Kaman (8 Million Remaining) for:
    Maurice Taylor (10 Million)

    Gerald Wallace ( 12 Million Remaining) for:
    Jalen Rose (17 Million)

    Ruben Patterson ( 8 Million Remaining ) for
    Maurice Taylor (10 Million)

    Eric Snow (20 Million Remaining) for:
    Jalen Rose and 1st Round Draft Choice (17 Million&Pick)

    Michael Petrius and Draft Pick (6 Million&Pick) for:
    Malik Rose (14 Million)

    Rashard Lewis and Danny Fortson (37 Million Remaining)
    Jamal Crawford and Draft Pick (43 Million&Pick)

    Some Free Agents you MAY or MAY NOT be aware of:

    * Al Harrington
    * Mike James
    * Caron Butler
    * Mike Wilks
    * Nick Van Exel
    * Rasual Butler
    * Speedy Claxton
    * Jim Jackson
    * Bonzi Wells
    * Jason Terry
    * Keith Bogans
    * Sam Cassell
    * Lorenzon Wright
    * Othella Harrington
    * Dan Dickau
    * Lee Nailon
    * Darell Armstrong
    * Andre Miller
    * Ben Wallace
    * Mike Dunleavy
    * David Wesley
    * Devean George
    * Bobby Jackson
    * Ronald Dupree
    * Jeff Mcginnis
    * Pat Garrity
    * Joe Pryzbilla
    * Matt Harpring
    * Chucky Atkins

    * we need to sign a decent free agent, somebody who can bring some spark.

    * please comment back with responses, your thoughts, falsehoods i made, anything, lemme know what ya think, this is my best post since joining

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    I would do the Gerald Wallace deal, he's young, athletic, and he's a good shotblocker at the 3 position, which is rare. He was also at the top of the league in steals and is a good defender. Wallace is definitely somebody i would try to get. As far as the Jermaine O'Neal scenario, sounds a little farfetched but I would consider it.
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    You mentioned alot of trades and free agents. Any are possible but most are fantasy. I think the only real possiblities are:

    Ruben Patterson
    Reggie Evans
    Mike James
    Al Harrington
    Speedy Claxton
    Bobby Jackson
    Andre Miller

    Any of these guys can and will likely come in. Look for Harrington, Claxton and Evans to join the roster over the summer. Miller could come in but I doubt the nuggets will let him go. As far as Garnett and Oneal, Forgetaboutit!

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