I am curious to hear what everyone thinks as to what players and management should go or stay next year. Here are my thoughts.

Isiah - get rid of him. Great player, an absolute disaster as a GM.

Larry - Keep him I guess, I was not impressed with him at all this year, but he is a good coach, and I think he will be better than Herb Williams.

Stephan or Stevie - one of these two point guards has to go. It was dumb to think they could play together. Get rid of both if we can, but I do not think that is likely.

Mo Tayler - get his big butt off the court and out of NY, offensively talented, but to lazy to work underneath or play D.

Jalen Rose - I had high hopes for this Rose, he is awful on defense, but he has a serious stroke and spreads the floor, we could trade him or keep him until his deal expires end of next season. If he stays he is just a role player.

Jackie Butler - gotta sign this guy, he is our best center. Keep him and make Curry earn a starting spot.

Eddie Curry - get him a live in trainer so he can report to camp about 50 pounds lighter and he might just be a better center.

Qyntel Woods - sign him, a lot of athetiscism and upside.

David Lee - keeper

Channing Frye - keeper

Jamal Crawford - probalby a keeper, but he might actually have trade value now.