It's no secret that this season was a large disappointment. Blame who you will Isiah for assembling a style of team that doesnt fit in Larry's system.. or Larry for not accomadating those players talents. I choose to blame Larry. I think he is a great coach BUT when you have a roster like ours and CANT win. there is something wrong. you put Mike D from Pheonix in last season to coach instead of Larry we'd win near fifty games. yea i said it haha

ANYWAY, its custom for the end of the season the players meet with the GM, Owner and Coach individually but this season ended with them doing so alone. one on one coach meetings. but it is said eight out of our fifteen players joined together to corner Zeke and blame Larry for this situation. That leads me to ask.. which eight players do you think it was?

heres our roster...
Jerome James/Eddy Curry/Jackie Butler
Channing Frye/David Lee/Maurice Taylor/Malik Rose
Qyntel Woods/Jalen Rose
Quentin Richardson/Ime Udoka/Jamal Crawford
Nate Robinson/Stephon Marbury/Steve Francis

i cross off Ime Udoka automatically. that leaves six that didnt and eight who did.

Stephon Marbury, Steve Francis, Nate Robinson, Maurice Taylor, Jalen Rose, Eddy Curry, seem like fixtures of it.. but i cant guess the other two.. id say Jerome James and maybe David Lee.

anyone want to take a stab at it???