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    Default Job evaluation - Larry Brown!?

    It's the end of the season and even though you make more money than god Larry Brown, it is time to evaluate your perfromance this year.

    For what it's worth, I think Brown did a horendous job this year. I think it is inexcusable and stupid for the way he constantly called players out in public for their lack of effort and poor play. How can he expect that he would not burn bridges. But, why should we expect LArry to operate differently than he has everywhere else. I still think Larry is a great coach and can improve the team substantially next year (how could he do worse) but I am afriad he has burned bridges so badly that it may be beyond repair.

    The multiple lineups with no consistency. I think the players can fairly balme you for that.

    so what are your thoughts on Larry Brown?

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    Larry Brown although im very angry at him, is a good coach and can coach here again, and i believe can succeed. No doubt he did a bad job this year, and the players who tuned him out if any are at fault, theres no blame to distribute, it goes to everybody all the way up to dolan.

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    Larry Brown is a great coach that did a lousy job this season. Larry Brown a defensive-mined coach inherited an offensive-mined team that plays no defense.
    Larry Brown is still the best coach for this team.

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    larry brown - F going down the line

    i really dont think he the right coach for this current team, larry brown cant coach youngsters, ask larry hughes,tim thomas,jalen rose ask tayshaun prince and darko..yeah tayshaun got playing time, but remember b4 the shot he hit in da playoffs, he was gettin no playing time...larry could only coach young players...and larry's plays on offense is so readable, give some freedom to da players, plays after plays is not good

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