Time for your performance reveiw. I comended you when you came in and traded a bunch of nuts and bolts for Stephon Marbury. You got rid of what were previoulsy untradeable contracts and players no one wanted (Ward, Eisley, Marcel Lampe - who has turned out to be a bust, and the rights to that awesome point guard from europe who has remined in Europe). Great move becasue despite everyone's bitching and moaing, Steph is much better than what we had before at the point.

But with that said, we have to talkabout a few of your other moves.

The Van Horn Trade and getting Thomas and Mohammed, good trade, but where are those players now. Youe traded Thomas in the Curry deal, I can accept that because hey if you are going to take a gamble do it on a big man like Curry. so far it has not panned out, but, I still would take that gamble.

Trading away Nazr Mohammed? Bad move. Malik who we got in return is ok, but he is undersized and while Nazr was inconsistent he was a serviceable big man. I know that the trade landed us a draft pick that turned into David Lee so not too bad, but it has not really improved us.

Jerome James for 6 years - what the hell are you thinking?!?!?! The guy could be the poster boy for hostess twinkees. Yes he has potential, but if potential were a drug Isiah, you would be in rehab.

Kurt Thomas for Q? Why, I like Q's game but he has back problems bad ones and a much longer contract.

Antonio Davis for Jalen Rose - again, what the hell are you thinking. Sure Jalen can spread the floor, but he plays no D and you know that he and LArry never got along.

and the final one Penny for Francis - are you out of your mind? If there is a carbon copy of Marbury in the league, Francis is it.

As Donald Trump would say - you're fired!