The biggest criticsim of Larry Brown is his constant changing of lineups. If you are the coach, what is your lineup based on the players we have right now?

Here is mine;

5 - Jackie Butler - we need to sign this guy, he was our most consistent center toward the end of the season. If Curry wants the job he has got to earn it.

4 - Channing Frye - I wish he played inside more, however, he needs to minutes to develop

3 - David Lee, I could go with either Lee or Qyntel Woods, I like em' both, both have their weaknesses. However, Lee is a pass first guy, he works well without the ball, he is also a good rebounder which helps take up for Frye's lack of rebounding. He also is not turnover prone and makes good decisions with the ball.

2 - Marbury - this was something discussed all season, let him play offense instead of running the offense.

1 - Jamal Crawford - I did not think of him as a point, however, toward the end of the year he did a good job running the offense.

this lineup puts three scorers on the floor (Crawford, Marbury and Frye)

Off the bench I go with Curry in the middle, Malik at the 4, Qyntel at the 3
and Francis at the 1 or two. I like having the offensive punch of Curry and Francis off the bench.

What is your lineup and why?