What would it cost to get the “Big Ticket”?

Let me say up front that I do not think Garnett is really available, I do not see MN trading him because if they do, that franchise is down the tubes. I think it is more likely that MN tries to get Francis or Marbury or some other star type player because that is the only way they can be a competitive playoff team and therefore sell tickets. Without another star option to play alongside Garnett, MN is destined for another year like this one (they only won 33 games).

However, if Garnett were really available, what would it cost? The following is a pipedream. The only way MN might deal him is a scenario in which they could cut payroll significantly by not only getting rid of Garnett, but other bad contracts along with him as well. So if they were serious about trading Garnett they would want to send his salary $20MM and going up for the next three years to NY along with one or two other bad contracts (Ricky Davis 6MM per for 2 more years, Marko Jaric $6MM and going up for the next 5 years, or Mark Blount $6MM and going up for the next 4 years or Troy Hudson $5MM per for the next four years). By the way, when you think Mark Blount, think Jerome James.

Sure they could send Garnett, Blount and Davis to NY for Mo Taylor and Jalen Rose’s expiring deals, along with Jamal Crawford, Channing Frye and some first round draft choices for the next few years. That is what I think it would cost NY. Under that scenario after next season, that would lower MN’s payroll by about $23MM. They would have a backcourt of Crawford, Hudson, with Frye up front and they would be far enough under the cap to sign one or more free agents. Under that scenario the Knicks might be able to get Garnett.

More likely - I it is more likely that MN goes after a player like Marbury or Francis they might taken either one for a combo or Blount, Davis and Jaric. They dump three bad contracts, and get one good player.