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    Default "Wrong Way Larry Brown"

    Writer rips Larry Brown a new. Pretty Interesting article

    Wrong Way Larry
    By Robert Littal

    Charles Manson, BTK, Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, The Son of Sam, Jason Voorhees and Ted Bundy have nothing on Larry Brown. While the others both fictional and real are killers of people, LB kills franchises. Once again “The Right Way” has turned into “The Wrong Way” for Larry Brown. The Knicks were supposed to be his “dream job” then maybe he does have more in common with Freddy than we thought because it became “Nightmare at Madison Square Garden”.

    As we speak Wrong Way Larry is getting bought out of his 5 year 50 million plus contract, so once again LB will be rewarded for being a quitter. That is what he is, the #1 quitter in professional coaching and one of the best liars I have every seen in my life. You have to be a great liar to say with a straight face to players you want them to play “The Right Way” when everything about you is done in the wrong way. Larry has quit on every team he has ever been associated with but rarely does he face criticism. In the next few days you will hear multiple excuses from Brown (the same excuses he has been using for the last 30 years). He will blame everyone else except himself for his failures. He will blame his health, the organization, the owner, the players and whatever else he can think of. The smooth thing about LB is he will make you think he is doing you the fan a favor by skipping out. He will say things like his health won’t let him coach the way he wants or that the team needs a new voice and of course some of you will fall for it hook, line and sinker.

    Maybe it is because he looks like your grandpa or that he talks like he is a mentally challenge, but for years he has been getting a pass and getting praise for being this god like figure in the world of coaching when in essence he is no different than any hustler in the street. He looks for opportunities and when he sees potential he jumps on it to be the savior and as soon as he sees the opportunity is no longer a benefit to him he jumps to the next opportunity. Wrong Way Brown is a quitter, a manipulator, user and above all else only cares about one person, himself.

    People criticize Phil Jackson for jumping from Michael Jordan to Shaq and Kobe, but the only difference between Phil and Larry is Larry has a hero complex and Phil just wants to win rings. In hip-hop vernacular LB would be called a “Captain Save-a-Ho”. In layman’s terms that means a guy who only deals with loose women and think they he can turn them into a housewife. The Knicks though were the Jenna Jameson of the NBA and you can’t turn a porn star into doing Shakespeare.

    Brown having the enormous ego that he has thought he could do it, but obviously realized that it just wasn’t possible especially with Isiah Thomas running the ship (rumor has it Zeke was trying to sign Ricky Williams). Falling Starbury, Steve “I was never the Franchise Player”, Jalen Rose and etc etc, there was no way anyone could win with this rag tag bunch, but LB thinks he is “Jesus” of coaching, but soon figure out he was coaching a bunch of “Judas”. Instead of Brown being a man and admitting his mistake, he is doing what he always does, trying to slide out of the back door.

    Regardless of what anyone tells you, it doesn’t matter how great of a coach you are if you have garbage players you will never win. LB is an excellent coach, but he has always had players who bought into his system and was willing to let him grind on them at least for a couple of years. The Knicks from the beginning didn’t care to and didn’t want to listen to what he was teaching. Maybe now people will understand that Larry Brown is as responsible for the team’s failures as the team itself. The mark of a great coach is someone who adjusts to the team that they are coaching. LB wants his teams to adjust to him and while that may work for a short period of time, but over the long run it is hard for players to give a 100% to a coach who they know isn’t flexible to their needs.

    A year ago I wrote an article “Larry Brown: Serial Killer”(if you haven’t read it what are you waiting for click the link) and because I love to quote myself here is what I said approximately a year ago when it seem that LB was working to get out of his Pistons contract.

    “Joe Dumars is a smart man and I suspect he knew this was coming, but his gamble has paid off with at least 1 NBA Championship and maybe a 2nd this year. Dumars knew he had about 3 years before LB wore out his welcome with his players. David Robinson complained about LB and David Robinson never said a negative thing about anyone. So as the rumors persist that the Pistons want to win in spite of him and he continues to deny what everyone knows is true the question begs what will be the ending to all this.

    It will end how it always ends with LB. With another victim left for dead and a new victim who has ignore what has happen in the past, so they are destined to be a victim in the future.”

    If you are Sacramento or any other team that are tempted to be blinded by Wrong Way Brown’s hustle, I strongly encourage you to look at the number of bodies that have been left in this man’s wake and ask yourself do you want to be the next victim? We all have a friend whose girlfriend or wife treats him like garbage, but he takes it because she is so beautiful that he is blinded to all of her faults. He only realizes what an idiot he has been until after she leaves him for the next man. Larry Brown is that Pretty Woman, but remember beauty is only skin deep.


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    lmfao captain save a ho

    "i feel i'm needed like the knicks need marbury"
    -Tragedi Khadafi

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