Larry Brown valued Kenyon Martin's defense and his tenacity when the former Net played for him during the Olympic qualifying tournament in 2003.
Based solely on those two weeks, Martin is a player Brown would love to add to the Knicks' front line. But there should also be a buyers beware label on Martin's resume. He hasn't fully recovered from a debilitating knee injury. Plus, without Jason Kidd throwing him lob passes, his production has slipped over the past two years in Denver.

There are also lingering questions regarding Martin's attitude in the wake of the Nuggets' suspension of the volatile power forward for Games 3, 4 & 5 of their first-round playoff series against the Clippers.

The Knicks pursued Martin before the February trading deadline but were reluctant to include rookie Channing Frye in any trade. There are also whispers around the league that Brown, who is a lifelong friend of George Karl, was having second thoughts about adding Martin because of the problems Martin was having with the Denver coach.

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