If you were Isiah Thomas and Larry Brown (assuming they're still here by then), what would you be looking to do with our draft alternatives?

IMO, one alternative would be to try to land another pick through a trade (Minny, Boston, Raps or Sonics) and then look to pull a Mike Ditka and trade the three first-round picks for one of the top 3 picks and land either Tyrus Thomas, Adam Morrison or Rudy Gay. I would look to get Eddie Griffin and Marko Jaric from the Wolves, Paul Pierce from the Celts, Mike James from the Raps or Rashard Lewis/Chris Wilcox from Seattle.

On the other hand, if we don't move up on the board, Colorado's SG Richard Roby (KMart's half-brother) and UConn's PF Josh Boone would be my picks, if they're still available. Roby is being compared to Allan Houston while Boone is a defensive presence down low.

In terms of surprise second-rounders that we may venture grabbing with that San Antonio pick: Sun Yue, a 6'9" SG from China looks tempting, as well as Marquette's Steve Novak and Texas's Daniel Gibson.

Opinions? Can't wait for draft day (or July free agency, or pre-season, or November, or... ya'll get the drift!!!)