I'd trade both Steve Francis (Atlanta?) and Stephon Marbury (Toronto?) for 2007 first round picks and maybe 2006 second round picks.

I'd like to see the Knicks draft G Kyle Lowry at No. 20 and F/C Josh Boone at No. 29.

*I wouldn't mind them taking PF Kevin Pittsnogle, PF Leon Powe, G Mike Gansey or F Steve Nowak if they add a second round pick.

Lowry is only a sophomore, hustles, plays great on-the-ball defense and can get to the rim. Boone's stock is dropping. I think he'd b a perfect fit in NY. He can rebound and play defense. I wouldn't mind a frontline of Curry, Frye, Boone and Lee. It's a nice mix of offense, defense and rebounding.

FYI - I wouldn't touch Kenyon Martin. He's got a bum knee and a max contract with at least five years left on it. NO THANKS! I'd rather the Knicks trade Q. Richardson to Denver for R. Patterson and his expiring contract.