here's an interesting article i found titled "Top 10 Blunders of 2005"

The knicks appear in 4 out of 10 blunders!!! That's 4 out of 10 F*CK-UPS out of the whole entire league. Keep blaiming this person or that one but check this sh*t out and then wonder how the highest paying team finished 2nd to last in the NBA. Go figure...

"As the year of 2005 comes to a close. We take a look at some of the biggest blunders in the year that was. This is just my take on the NBA in 2005. I even ranked them for you just to see what you think and if you agree.

10. Chicago Bulls trade Eddy Curry to New York. Pax had to do what he had to do. He offered Curry money if he failed the DNA tests that would have given a better outlook on Eddy's ticker. Eddy refused and the trade ensued. I don't blame John Paxson for letting the leading scorer go for the sake of Eddy's health but I think he could have gotten better if he would have been a little more patient. Instead, he trades not only Curry, but Antonio Davis, clearly giving away two of his main big men for a stubby power forward in Mike Sweetney and Tim "Fugazi" Thomas.....Thomas is still MIA and looking to be traded elswhere. Sweetney shows up whenever the buffet is all you can eat. And ofcourse, the Bulls are lacking size and are having trouble making up for the lost offense.

9. Miami makes a mega trade after being one quarter away from the finals last year. Its still too early to really make an assessment on this but the "too much talent" question still looms large. Riles gives up Eddie Jones, and loses Damon Jones. Then takes Antoine Walker (who is still lost in the rotation), Jason Williams (just coming off of an injury), James Posey (an all around player with more D than O) and signs Gary Payton (aging trash talker). The rotation is still trying to find itself but the injuries have slowed the progression. It still may be too early to tell but when your only one quarter from the finals, a drastic change like this is known to implode a team and it's chemistry.

8. Houston trades Mike James to Toronto for Rafer Alston. This is more a mistake on Houston's part than on Toronto's part. I still wonder why about this trade other than the fact that the Rockets GM got sold on a collection of And1 tapes of the Rafer of old. Rafer is still MIA with a torn ligament, or something like that. And the Rockets are in shambles with injuries. They could have used Mike James's fire, defense, and championship experience. Plus the fact that he knows the team a little more than Rafer did. Who would have thought that the Rockets could plummet so hard and so fast.

7. Knicks trade Kurt Thomas for Quentin Richardson. I know Kurt was aging but he was New York's best defensive big man. And I don't know what is with Zeke and his fasination with small forwards that shoot too much but Q was clearly not needed. Isiah Thomas really knows how to put together championship squads. He did it for San Antonio when he traded Nazr Mohammed for Malik Rose, and he's done it again by trading away Kurt Thomas for Q. The Suns cheer for Zeke when NY goes to Phoenix now....way to go Isiah....And this isn't the only time we see New York featured in this article. (surprised?)

6. NBA dress code over NBA cares. Chalk this one up for the almighty David Stern. On the same day that the NBA announces the very well thought out NBA Cares Program, the NBA annouces the NBA Dresscode. The Dresscode clearly overshadowed what is a good program. Instead of the media reflecting on what good things NBA players do for the people, they now wonder what players are wearing on gameday. Just a bad P.R. move if you ask me.

5. Earl Watson signs with the Denver Nuggets. Big bucks for a third string point guard. Denver offers money to a well rounded true point guard when it clearly has a pretty good backcourt in Andre Miller and Earl Boykins. Earl Watson agrees to the money after making a case for more money fighting for playing time in Memphis, and is now barried on the Denver bench. Denver loses Nene for the season at the season's start. Voshon Leonard is no where to be found and now Denver's front court and 3 point shooting is thin. The money could have been spent somewhere else. Earl could have found a better place that could have used his talents. And Denver is struggling now to stay over .500. Who to blame, who to blame?

4. Jerome James is signed to the Knicks for 29 million smackaroonies. One playoff series where Jerome is a monster on the boards. Never mind the guady numbers that he put up in the regular season. Isiah Thomas still signs this loser to a giant contract. And where has James been since? On the pine, counting his money. Good move Zeke.

3. Larry Brown is let go from Detroit and goes to New York. Remember last season when every other NBA article was about Larry Brown running his mouth about something. The entire Detroit 2004-2005 season was an LB soap opera. See what winning does to an already inflated ego. First it was, Larry might go to Cleveland to be GM, then it was the LB to the Knicks rumors during the playoffs. Now look at how much we hear from LB now that he's finally in his dream job. Losing horribly with a horrible team. And look at Motown now, on its way to a very possible 70 win season. You go Larry. From the finals to the lottery. What a way to end a hall of fame career.

2. Trusting Artest. This was close to be on the #1 spot but we are still yet to see this pan out. It could be a happy ending with Indiana getting true value for the "Tru Warior?!". I was excited to see the brawl behind them. I was excited to see this team come back to elite status after watching Artest blow up the chemistry last year. And now this, he does it again. I think in the end, this will be more of a mistake on Artest because he will never be trusted with a long term deal (there's always the Knicks!). But Larry Bird has a right to feel betrayed. He trusted Artest and got burned. This may have put the Pacers in a rut for the season yet again.

1. Atlanta Hawks passing on Chris Paul for Marvin Williams. Atlanta was stacked at the small forward position. With promising youngsters Josh Smith and Josh Childress, a hefty contract eating Al Harrington, and also Joe Johnson with all his versatility and a heftier contract. Atlanta's needs were at the point guard position. So instead of drafting the leading rookie of the year. A true point guard that has put up Jason Kidd like numbers in NOK/OK named Chris Paul. They go for an unproven prospect in Marvin Williams....A small forward. Just look at the numbers so far. And especially, look at the minutes per game. Chris Paul is a star worthy of Allstar consideration just on numbers alone. Marvin Williams, well, I'm still wondering why everyone was calling this kid the second coming of MJ. Atlanta fans are still wondering how this young team could have been. And they will forever wonder. All the way to the lottery once again."
-by: flimflamunlimited