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    Default Larry is a Goner!!! Blueprint for salvaging the Knicks

    I would like say I told you so, to all the site members who ripped me saying I wasn't a true Knicks fan, because I predicted that Larry Brown would come in and kill the team. with the promising crop of rookies we have, I felt we should have pursued a coach who would allow guys to flourish by making mistakes. I KNEW THIS IS WHERE WE'D BE!!! I am so disgusted with the current status of my favorite team. What I think the knicks need to do is these 5 things to instantly turn things around

    1) Remove Larry Brown as Head Coach: 26 seasons coaching, 1 NBA championship. Due the math, it's an awful percentage.

    2) Trade Stephon Marbury: There's no way we're getting Garnett, anyone who thinks we can, please don't reply to this post cause I don't want to waste my time reading something that stupid. Marbury has value only to a handful of teams. Let's make and his enormous salary someone else's problem.

    3) Hire Moses Malone as special advisor to Eddy Curry and Channing Frye. If Eddy & Channing had more passion for basketball, they could aspire to be Moses Malone. Physically they're all comparable (Eddy- 6'11 285 Channing 6'11 250 and Moses - 6'10 260) Moses Malone was an excellent defender and rebounder and 2 time MVP. Any knowledge he could impart would be awesome.

    4) Find a way to deal Steve Francis Malik Taylor. This is self explanatory, hopefully we could get something back like a Jarrett Jack cause portland got way to many PG's.

    5) Resign Qyntel Woods, and get a defensive minded SF.

    So there's my vital list of changes any amendments? Feel free to respond.


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    Finally a post on here that makes some logical sense. I like a lot of your suggestions....especially the idea of getting Moses Malone in to work with Frye and Curry.

    Only problem is that if Isiah is our GM making those moves, it scares me. The guy is so dumb, he's liable to trade away Marbury or Francis for someone like a Bryan Grant who is overpaid and has many many yrs left on his deal. To deal a salary you have to get something of equal monetary value back so that it fits into the cap structure. I'd go trading at least one, maybe two, of those bums, and then try and let the other deals run their course.

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