I would like say I told you so, to all the site members who ripped me saying I wasn't a true Knicks fan, because I predicted that Larry Brown would come in and kill the team. with the promising crop of rookies we have, I felt we should have pursued a coach who would allow guys to flourish by making mistakes. I KNEW THIS IS WHERE WE'D BE!!! I am so disgusted with the current status of my favorite team. What I think the knicks need to do is these 5 things to instantly turn things around

1) Remove Larry Brown as Head Coach: 26 seasons coaching, 1 NBA championship. Due the math, it's an awful percentage.

2) Trade Stephon Marbury: There's no way we're getting Garnett, anyone who thinks we can, please don't reply to this post cause I don't want to waste my time reading something that stupid. Marbury has value only to a handful of teams. Let's make and his enormous salary someone else's problem.

3) Hire Moses Malone as special advisor to Eddy Curry and Channing Frye. If Eddy & Channing had more passion for basketball, they could aspire to be Moses Malone. Physically they're all comparable (Eddy- 6'11 285 Channing 6'11 250 and Moses - 6'10 260) Moses Malone was an excellent defender and rebounder and 2 time MVP. Any knowledge he could impart would be awesome.

4) Find a way to deal Steve Francis Malik Taylor. This is self explanatory, hopefully we could get something back like a Jarrett Jack cause portland got way to many PG's.

5) Resign Qyntel Woods, and get a defensive minded SF.

So there's my vital list of changes any amendments? Feel free to respond.