Brown think he's slick! He intended to can the season, flip line-up to get Isiah's job. I think Isiah behind the scene never wanted Brown and informed Dolan but was over ruled by Dolan. I believe that because I'm sure that Joe Dumars warned Isiah about Brown's underminedness. Isiah is playing politics here saying he doen't want Brown fired but Dolan now sees first-hand the back-stabbing tactics of Brown so he now wants him gone. That's why Isiah got Rose and Francis after Brown requested them to show that Brown didn't know what he was saying all along and didn't know what he wanted. If you didn't like the roster you shouldn't of taken the job. So I think we should keep Browns contract but just suspend him for the remainder of the contract so he can't go coach anywhere else unless he takes a zero$ buyout. Make him sit home and get paid. Don't just give him the money and allow him to coach another team. Suspend him for conduct detrimental to the team. He won't want to sit out of basketball for 4 years. Knicks need to check the legal possibilities of such.