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    Default Where to find Knick games from this season?

    I'm bored out of my mind, I can watch the summer league games but the games gets meaningless once the starting 5 get pulled, team USA starts play on Wendsday, but I want to see some Knick action so can someone please send me a link where I can watch some of last seasons games, I'll even pay for them at this point!

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    If you want you can watch Knicks Fan Faves on MSG. They are the best games of the season, but the program is a hour long. I can tell you are a real knick fan.

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    Buy the history of the Knicks on DVD. They have all types of stuff. Player stuff, rivals, history and about 8 games.

    1970 game 7
    1973 finals
    A game from the 80's when Isiah and Benard King went at at.
    The Dunk
    The game when we beat the Pacers to go to the finals
    Game 5 agianst Miami
    and LJ's 4 point play game.

    All the games are full games with the live broadcast, you even get to watch the pregame stuff from NBC

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    actually.. the 73 finals are not included. there are all the other games you mentioned plus the 1984 ec semis against the celtics (game 6) and game 3 vs philly from the 1989 first round

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    I was pretty dissappointed with the set, myself. I was hoping the 1973 comeback against the Bucks would be included, or the Game Five of the 1990 Eastern Conference First round. I don't see how the Philly vs. Knicks game from 1989 was more of a milestone game...

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