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Thread: Summer Workouts

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    chris buddy you should care. there are some good players in the first round. not allstars but good role players and we have the 20th and 29th picks. they mite get traded away but if we keep them you know Isiah will pick right with them.
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    Originally Posted by donchris
    Am I the only one that doesnt give a crap about this? We lost our #1 pick or traded it away for Curry. That's it! Nothing else really to talk about. Any one we draft will most likily be traded away or waved.
    nah isiah knows how to draft

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    There are certain prospects that we could really use in this draft...although we are kinda stacked with young talent right now. I don't think we need an impact player so being high in the draft doesn't matter. Are starting lineup needs to mesh...roles need to be established and defensive minded prospects need to be drafted first then following some rebounders. We are in desperate need of a perimeter defender. I think we should draft Saer Sene and Richard Roby. Roby can be molded into a perimeter defender and he already knows how to score. And Saer Sene has the physical attributes of being the next African phenom.

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