Just for the sheer misery of it, I wanted to recount all the bad fiscal/basketball decisions the Knicks have made over the last six years. Feel free to chime in or correct any mistakes I may have made.

Expiring Contracts Traded for Longer BAD Contracts

1999 - Patrick Ewing (Glen Rice)
2001 - Glen Rice (Shandon Anderson, Howard Eisley)
2002 - Mark Jackson and *Marcus Camby (Antonio McDyess)
2003 - Latrell Sprewell (Keith Van Horn)
2004 - Clarence Weatherspoon (Moochie Norris)
2004 - Antonio McDyess and Charlie Ward (Stephon Marbury)
2004 - **Keith Van Horn (Tim Thomas)
2004 - Dikembe Mutombo (Jamal Crawford)
2005 - **Nazr Mohammed (Malik Rose, Maurice Taylor)
2005 - Tim Thomas (*8*Eddy Curry)
2005 - Kurt Thomas (Quentin Richardson)
2006 - Antonio Davis (Jalen Rose)
2006 - Anfernie Hardaway (Steve Francis)

* Camby's contract was longer, but more palatable ($7 mil per) than McDyess'.
** Both Van Horn and Mohammed's contract weren't expiring, but they were shorter than the players they were traded for.
*** The details are not public. Estimated to be in the 5-year, $50 million range.

Mid-Level Exception Signing Disasters

2001 - Clarence Weatherspoon
2003 - Dikembe Mutombo
2004 - Vin Baker
2005 - Jerome James

Regretable Contract Extensions
2001 - Alan Houston (6 years $120)

Dead Money Still on the Books for 2006-2007

Alan Houston - $20.7 million
Shandon Anderson - $7.2 milliom

It has always been possible for the Knicks to get out of Salary Cap hell. It's a two-three year process of forethought and fiscal restraint.

However, they've never made any effort to do so. It's been one bad trade after another. It's like they're paying off credit card bills with other, higher-interest credit cards. STUPID!