Hoop. I agree with you that Marbury and Frye is just too much talent to give away in a trade where we won't get back an established superstar.

I must differ however on your assessment of Jaric. His offense is pretty much inexistent, but I think he does have defensive skills, at least more than any of the Knicks current PGs.

How do you evaluate defense? Too bad I don't have a readily-available stat that says how much production any given player allows his opponent versus what he chips in. That would be a sound measure.

I believe rebounds and steals are an acceptable measure of defense, and as far as Jaric goes, he gets an acceptable amount of boards and steals.

Griffin led the NBA in blocks per 48 mins, and that's something we sorely need. Just like Artest and Qyntel Woods, he carries a payload, but nevertheless, we need to take chances on these guys... remember Eisley, Anderson and all those good guys that were brought here because of Dolan's policy on adding character? That didn't do much for us.

Role players are what this team needs right now and that 6th pick could mean Rudy Gay, Marcus Williams, Randy Foye and Brandon, all potential superstars.