What up everybody I'm new here but I have been a knick fan for a very long time so don't get it twisted. But concerning LB...before he went to the knicks, I thought LB was a good coach. But since he needs so many modifications to an already talented team then this questions his ability as a coach. Any other coach would play to a team's ability not towards a specific "old school" way. If you look at the roster now, the best type of offense to run would be to run. Not as up tempo as the Suns because many turnovers would occur. But LB wants to run a half-court set with a bunch of open court scorers. Other than JC, everyone else is slashers. As in Marbury...you don't have to like or love the guy...but you must repsect what he can do on the court. Don't point fingers on who's fault it is because that doesn't matter. But what does matter is who can get the job done and who can get the job done now