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Ahh it's my #1 fan again. I guess it's too much to ask of you to come up with an original thought! Instead you choose to quote me yet again. Keep it up and you will soon define your self as my shadow.

The Don has spoken!
Kiss the ring beiotch!!!!!!!
you have to have substance to cast a shadow. I really think you are a cynical version of shallow Hal. I am not naive , but cynical yuppie types laugh
at politicos like Bush or even Hilary Clinton, but do nothing in substance to fight their destructive influence. On the job these same cynical types laught at those on the bottom , while opening their anus's to the bosses to curry favor. Butt kssing and back stabbing are their way of life. I have no use for them and I can read them like a book.
I am up front. I hate capitalism and all the lackies who serve it. Occasionally I err. But I never err in my character assessments. You are empty bluster .