To The 1 and Only:

don't try to call a man out. Learn to read before you say a word to man. Where the hell did I say someone would take a scoring title over a ring? Is you stupid? Here's my quote, let's try this again...

Karl Malone is the Number 2 scorer in NBA history. Do you think he wants a ring or to be number 1 scorer? If anyone said the latter you are lucky to be able to read.
Now how you deduced the latter part of this sentence is in reference to a ring, is shockingly beyond me. And probably to any GED grad or child that has a grade 3 reading comprehension or higher. Please read my quotes fully before wasting my time. chauncey billups Career averages to Marbury are misleading. Marbury has logged way more NBA minutes than Billups. And low and behold he has absolutely nothing to show for it. Why is that Amare Stoudemire, Tim Thomas, Shawn Marion, Kurt Thomas (who had to be restrained on more than one occassion) a well as a host of others from his days in New Jersey, like Keith Van Horn who not only got stuck being Marbury's teammate once but twice (Oh God!!!!). Don't believe me? Read this:

Suns history Page 01-02 Synopsis: Poor chemistry coupled with a midseason coaching change eliminated the Suns from postseason contention for the first time since 1988 and the Suns fell to 36-46 despite starting the season with big expectations after acquiring dynamic playmaker Stephon Marbury in a blockbuster from New Jersey for Jason Kidd.

What did the Nets do that year???? THEY WENT TO THE FINALS!!!!!

Again more evidence Marbury is malignant cancer. Look at Tim Thomas play ball in Phoenix with Steve Nash as compared to here with Marbury. Night and Day!!

As well Stephen A Smith spoke openly about that fact Chauncey Billups told the Wallaces to keep things out of the media, because they spoke out about Flip Saunders, not Billups. You got that one wrong too fella. Don't believe me check the ESPN pregame and halftime shows. They should bearchieved by date.

Back to that fool Marbury:

sxmarbury516 what did you think Marbury was gonna say? I'm gonna stay selfish, get my stats, and continue to lose and alienate my teammates?? Come on that response was as generic as the name John Smith.

Enough about supporting casts. he's played with Amare, Shawn Marion. Nash did a better job. The 2 biggest changes to NJ was Kidd and Kenyon. Otherwise Van Horn was still there and most of the bench. They still advanced to the finals. Look at the Current Knicks roster. You can't tell me they aren't better than the miserable 23 wins posted. Here's a thought Let's trade Marbury and find out.