The bottom line is Isiah is the cancer within the Knicks not Marbury or Fances or Crawford or Curry...etc... Isiah is the problem because he does not know how to assemble a team properly, manage a team and unlike his drafting ability, can not assess current NBA talent properly. There is more to reading into a player then his stats. You have to know how a player fits into a system and interacts with his fellow team mates. The type of Man he is and if a player, regardless of their talent, could actually be a detrement to a team. Isiah doesn't seem to know how to do that. He doesn't know how to formulate a system then construct it. Perfect example, he starting building a run and gun team and hire a methodical defensive minded coach!?????!!!!!!?????!!!!!!!?????????!!!!?
If that alone doesn't show is inability as a GM, then..... Never mind the cap problem he took and turned in into a cap hell!!