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I'm sticking with LB all the way. I think he is a great couch despite this season's record. I think the best thing for the Knicks would be to forget about the win now mentality, keep LB and rebuild the roster from the ground up. We have been losing for years anyway, we mind as well rebuild the right way while we are at it.
I dont think any one is saying Larry is a bad coach, it's just that he dogged out his players in the media and had no consistent rotation which is the core cause for our losses. A coaches job is to motivate his players. That's why Pat Riley is so good. Riley doesn't tear down he uplifts. Brown hasn't done that. His main concern seems to be him. I've never seen a coach attack a player in the media the way he did. It's wrong and unprofessional. I would have given him a second year but at this point we should just get all of this over with.